[wp-hackers] Using Git for tracking multiple disparate sites

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Wed Jan 27 08:06:48 UTC 2010

Since WP is hosted in SVN, the cleanest way is pulling WordPress and  
plugins via svn:externals and custom wp-config.php settings (see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php) 
. This makes it possible to update everything via an "svn up".

I've started to switch to git last year myself but haven't found a  
'great' way of emulating this process in this SCM. A couple of things  
I've tried:

* Layering the git working copy over the svn working copy  
(using .gitignore & svn:ignore to keep the SCM files out of each  
other's respositories). I blogged about shared working copies here: http://wp.me/pgTiu-8h

* Pulling in WordPress core via SVN, which is stored in the git  
repository (similar to above, but less 'global')

Both of these approaches paled in comparison to a full SVN set-up. You  
may also want to investigate git submodules (which I believe are  
similiar to svn:externals) as well as taking a look at git-svn, which  
has some tools for using git as front-end to an SVN repos.

I love git, but mixing SCMs adds overhead to the workflow that may  
prove more cumbersome than beneficial.

- Eric Marden
tw: @xentek

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