[wp-hackers] Strange oEmbed behavior

Jordi Canals jordi at jcanals.cat
Sat Jan 23 21:34:20 UTC 2010

2010/1/23 Oliver Schlöbe <office at wpseek.com>

> Do those YouTube videos who do not embed properly have Embedding turned on?
> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/343780?replies=3
Yes, them embed with no problem with most sizes. For example: If you set
media embedding width (On media settings page) to 589 or 591 pixels width,
it embeds perfect. If you change the size one pixel up to 590 pixels width
no video from YouTube embeds on the post. Other examples are: it embeds
setting the width at 609 or 611 pixels, but no embeds if set to 610. This is
not the same behavior with all videos.

I've been checking it and seems to be an intermittent bad response from
YouTube in some cases. Seems being fixed by YouTube now so, it's not a WP
bug and no need to follow this. Hope it will be fully solved soon.

Thanks for commenting,
Jordi Canals
http://alkivia.org - http://jcanals.cat

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