[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Sat Jan 16 18:34:07 UTC 2010

The resulting discussion of GPL and attribution is fascinating, but to
return to the original question I think it's obvious that regardless
of what actually happened to get his theme denied access to the repo,
the *proposed functionality* of asking for a donation when people
remove the footer link is 100% appropriate and should be allowed in
the theme repo. It is an example of very good usability to only ask
for a donation when people are actively removing other benefits you
derive from their use of your work. I think we can all agree the GPL
has nothing to say about it and that donation asks like the one in
WP-Supercache are far more imposing and annoying to clients than this

Jordi, thanks for your dedication to making the footer credit an
explicit option in the UI. It makes it WAY easier for people to use
theme upgrades since they don't have to effectively fork their copy
just to remove the credit. This should be a common practice, and I
think your system of asking for a donation at that moment is a perfect
way to raise the appeal of such options for theme developers (as well
as encouraging users who don't want to donate to reconsider their
decision to remove the link :)

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