[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Jordi Canals jcanals at alkivia.net
Fri Jan 15 22:18:26 UTC 2010

2010/1/15 Ken Newman <Ken at adcstudio.com>

> This is still an interpretation. Another, and likely popular,
> interpretation is that removal from a footer to a single separate page
> conforms exactly to your quoted argument, in that it is still a very
> "reasonable author attribution" and also "in the form of a web page". Also,
> a link to an external site might be considered a slightly more then a simple
> credit.
I agree with that. Moving the credits to anywhere else or to a separate page
is still a very reasonable author attribution". Also agree that a link back
is more than a simple credit.

> A credit on every page seems to be appropriate for a theme credit
> (especially since graphics and css are not necessarily GPL), though I
> *personally prefer* that the author make this to be optional.

Really, but if you distribute the CSS files with all other files, then the
whole thing has to be considered GPL. I understand than just CSS and
graphics only themes can use other licenses. Also I prefer the credits
footer to be optional (I always set on my themes a checkbox on the settings
page to disable them).

> Perhaps a Core Plugin with an API for a Colophon Page is in order? This way
> plugin and theme authors could register credits and links and have them
> displayed on a distinct page for that purpose. I would certainly use it, and
> recommend it to clients.
> Really like the idea. I would use this and recommend it to everyone.

> Tangentially related: I did come across a plugin (I believe one that
> integrated bbPress to WordPress) that inserted a credit and a link to the
> footer of every page in the site. I found this to be quite distasteful and
> quickly uninstalled it.
You're right. If every plugin and theme sets a footer page this can make the
page and the site very distasteful. As said, I also suggest to make this

Jordi Canals.

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