[wp-hackers] Plugin meta suggestion: demo page URL

Wacław Jacek mail at waclawjacek.com
Fri Jan 15 19:39:32 UTC 2010

On 2010-01-15 19:26, Dougal Campbell wrote:
> I've got a suggestion for an addition to the plugin metadata used in the
> Extend repository: a URL for a plugin demo page. There are use-cases
> where it makes sense to have a separate page for a demo from the main
> plugin homepage. It would obviously be optional.
> Thoughts?
Honestly, I think it's a bit of an overkill. As you've mentioned, there are indeed use-cases, and some plugins *could* benefit from that, but most plugins, at least the ones I used, affect the behaviour of WordPress, not directly the content presented to a visitor (eg. adding a *possibility* to put a widget in the sidebar, not adding a widget right away), so such a demo would require a sneak-peek into the admin panel, and that would be pretty nasty to manage if you're thinking of a centralized system at wordpress.org, not remote demo sites.

Remote demos have a drawback too -- many would probably die after some time, and the links would still be in the headers.

Hope everything's well! :)
~ W. to the J.

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