[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Jordi Canals jcanals at alkivia.net
Fri Jan 15 19:03:00 UTC 2010

2010/1/15 Tiago Relvao <trelvao at workmedia.pt>

> It seems to me that there should be no shame in assuming you want to be
> paid for your work. After all, it's work!
> Maybe there should be room in the plug-in directory for proprietary
> wordpress plug-ins with source code included (I believe there's no point in
> obfuscating or encrypting). An official app store with free, free for
> personal use, commercial and open source plug-ins should suffice.
> There are already some efforts in restricting the use of plug-ins. Either
> by requiring an api key, a site registration or even by implying you should
> make a donation. This seems unnecessary, to me. I really prefer the approach
> of edit plus (http://www.editplus.com/). The software is proprietary, but
> you can download it and use it with no restrictions. It's up to your
> conscience to pay for the authors work.
> Anyway, this is just my opinion...
> Tiago

There is no room for propietary plugins or themes. As plugins or themes
depend on WordPress and Wordpress is released under the terms of GPL, any
plugin or theme you develop have to be released under the terms of GPL
license. Any plugin or theme uses WordPress functions and links to
Wordpress, as no plugin or theme cannot work outside WordPress have to be
considered a WordPress extension in this case you have to license any plugin
or theme under the terms of the GPL license.

This was asked to the Free Software Foundation lawyers and said that
developing a plugin or theme whit any other license clearly violates the
WordPress GPL license.

Jordi Canals.

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