[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Fri Jan 15 15:27:45 UTC 2010

On Jan 15, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Mark E wrote:
>> Serious Question:
>> If someone devotes their time and energy into creating a plugin
>> and/or theme and offers it up via GPL-licensing to the community, is
>> it really so bad for them to put a link in their admin section asking
>> for donation, even if it does request them to link to the blog or
>> click a button that says "I already donated?"  It's GPL so anyone who
>> wants can fork it and get rid of it if they like.  Some developers
>> may not want their clients to see a donation button, but shouldn't
>> that developer who is getting paid give a little back to the
>> plugin/theme developer who helped them get paid?  It seems like being
>> against this is like "biting the hand that feeds..." (with some
>> thumping NiN cords in the background... :)
> Solution: Put the instructions on how to use the plugin on your own site with a link in the admin panel back to your help page - e.g. Do not include a "readme" file with the software package. Then on your site ask for donations. With that done you're in line with this page linked below and no complaint can be legitimately put forth:
> http://wordpress.org/donate/

Thanks for the reply and that's a good solution.  
FWIW though it merely sidestepped the question, it didn't answer it.


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