[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Donncha O Caoimh donncha at linux.ie
Fri Jan 15 10:30:42 UTC 2010

As previously mentioned on this thread WP Super Cache doesn't have the 
"donate or you must link to my blog" language so I think it's quite 
different. You can hide the donate button without guilt of clicking an 
"I already donated" button or similar.

A number of prominent plugins do however use that language and while I 
understand the motivation of the authors I don't personally like it and 
never went down that route with my own plugins.

As for the theme link, quite often I remove the link and place it on my 
About page. One theme author obviously didn't like that and sent me an 
email asking me to put the link back or stop using the theme. I picked a 
better theme.


On 15/01/10 10:09, Jeremy Visser wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 01:50 +0200, scribu wrote:
>> Several plugins hosted on Extend that I use have a donation button on their
>> settings page, so I think it's only fair to allow the same thing for themes.
> That's correct. In fact, WP Super Cache, a very popular plugin by
> Donncha O Caoimh, a WordPress MU developer and Automattic employee,
> contains a PayPal Donate button inside the plugin settings page.
> The donate message is able to be disabled, but it's really not much
> different to what Jordi is describing.
> Going by the facts we've been presented, it does seem like Jordi has
> been treated a little unfairly, although there is possibly more to this
> than has been revealed to us. So will we remove WP Super Cache from the
> plugin pages too?

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