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Wed Jan 13 07:53:57 UTC 2010

a small line at the page footer with the text "Theme design by
[project-name] project." with a link to the site where information, support
and documentation about the theme can be found.

In December, as a new customization option, I decided to include a checkbox
on the theme options page to allow users to remove the credits line,
followed by a link to suggest a donation. That locked like this:

[] Disable public theme credits.
If disabling the credits, please, consider <a href="%s">donating to the

Because of this donation link, the new theme version was rejected on the
themes site, as them considered the donation link as a licensing option.
The theme is 100% GPL and has no licensing options, it's just GPL. I think
that asking users to consider donating to the project if them remove the
credits footer it's something reasonable and asking to consider donating
cannot be considered a licensing option.

So, I've been forced to remove the donation link and still telling the site
admin there is no commercial version of the theme and that I don't have any
licensing option for it, The theme is just licensed under the GPL terms and
there is no option for any other license.

Having this kind of trouble because a donation link that have been removed,
really discourages to continue writing and maintaining WordPress themes and
plugins. I've been waiting from December 18 for the theme to be published
and some time lost in email discussions about the link. The donation link
was removed on December 19, as soon as them told me that could not be
accepted, but any release from them have been published because of it.

Do you think the donation link violates the GPL license and can be
understood as a licensing option?

Thanks in advance,
Jordi Canals.

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