[wp-hackers] Trash for links too?

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Mon Jan 11 22:26:22 UTC 2010

They'd only be consistent with posts, pages, and comments.

Trash for media was disabled and punted last-minute in 2.9 and is
expected to be handled in 3.0. Excluding plugins which are
filesystem-based and can obviously be deactivated, that still leaves
links, categories, and taxonomies/tags.

As a follow up to #4529, you may want to create a feature request
ticket for "Trash for items w/o trash" or something to that effect and
see what generates traction. (I'd lean toward links yes to trash,
cats/tax/tags no.) I'd make sure media is excluded from the ticket, as
that should be handled in another.

On 1/11/10, Simon Blackbourn <piemanek at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was retraining one of my customers recently after upgrading them to
> WordPress 2.9, and had confidently told them that they need not worry as
> nothing is deleted any more, it all goes to the 'trash' now so you can
> retrieve it if you need to.
> This prompted a brief but entertaining conversational detour into the
> Americanisation of British English, followed swiftly by them deleting a link
> and asking me how to get it out of the 'bin'.
> Cue embarrassed mutterings and red faces all round as I realised that links
> are the exception to the rule.
> So I'm just wondering if there's a plan to extend the trash functionality to
> links, so they are consistent with everything else?
> Cheers
> Simon
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