[wp-hackers] Handling Plugin translations

Dion Hulse (dd32) wordpress at dd32.id.au
Sat Jan 9 02:44:37 UTC 2010

Hi all, A quick question if i may.

How does everyone keep track of submitted translations for their plugins?
I've got 16 translations here for one of my plugins, quite a few are most  
likely out of date, but i wouldnt know (Well, All of them are now, I just  
changed all the strings)

Do you contact the translators and ask if they'd like to submit a new  
translation? How much notice do you give? Or do you just release the  
plugin and include it in the next release?

Personally i've taken the "Release new plugin, Let translators submit  
updated translations for the next release" approach, But i feel this is  
not the best way.. In my mind, it makes the translators less likely to  
want to help out in the future..

I was considering installing GlotPress and maybe getting people to update  
them there directly, Has anyone else taken this route?

I'd be interseted in hearing what others do, Translations are an important  
function for any popular plugin, and while most of mine arnt that popular,  
i still think its worth managing it properly.

Dion Hulse / dd32

  e: contact at dd32.id.au
  msn: msn at d32.id.au
  skype: theonly_dd32
Web: http://dd32.id.au/

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