[wp-hackers] fixes for old versions

Jess Planck jess at funroe.net
Thu Jan 7 17:23:02 UTC 2010

Now THAT makes more sense than that version that sat around for Debian. You would at least get a hint for the end-of-life of a particular version before it gets there.


On Jan 7, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Peter Westwood wrote:

> Our current /desire/ is for the following situation.
> If the current release is X.Y then
> The previous release X.(Y-1) will receive security updates.
> The current release X.Y will receive security and major bug fix updates.
> X.(Y+1) will be developed as the next major release.
> At some point the security support for X.(Y-1) stops - it has been suggested that this is when X.(Y+1) beta1 is released and it would definitely be when X.(Y+1) was released.
> This has been discussed a couple of times in the weekly dev chat.
> As part of this we envisage the following situation from an update perspective:
> If you are running X.(Y-1).B you will be offered X.Y unless X.(Y-1).(B+1) is available
> when you have upgraded to X.(Y-1).(B+1) you will again be offered X.Y
> If you are running X.Y.B you will be offered X.(Y-1).(B+1) when it is available

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