[wp-hackers] This is a Performance Enhancement? Clarification

Oliver Schlöbe office at wpseek.com
Thu Jan 7 16:42:12 UTC 2010

I totally do get your intention... not.


Oliver Schlöbe


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On 07.01.2010 16:55, Jacob Santos wrote:
> Well, I think I was trolling in my last email. The point is that I 
> grow tired trying to argue with people who assume that just, because 
> $end-$start = faster than another $end-$start = slower that somehow 
> their knowledge of performance is valid and should be accepted. Or 
> worse yet, since they are supposed to know PHP well that obviously 
> they know something as trivial as performance. That just because 
> someone may not know everything about everything related PHP, that his 
> facts and evidence are somehow invalid.
> I would be more willing to accept if perhaps people didn't try to say 
> that run-time compilation equals faster than compile-time compilation. 
> Yeah, everyone knows that after the script is already compiled that it 
> is faster to compile a function or 20 after the script is running 
> (</sarcasm>). Doesn't matter that having to stop the script execution 
> in order to compile the new code doesn't make sense that it speeds up 
> anything. How does that make sense, that it will speed anything up? [1]
> I'm looking for an valid argument with performance measurements and 
> proof from either PHP engine programmers, Opcode Cache programmers, 
> etc and people that know what they are talking about to explain to me 
> that stopping execution to go back to the compile stage is faster than 
> not doing that second step. If we can agree that it is not, then the 
> code in the last post should never be used for performance and should 
> never be referenced that it should be used for performance. Any other 
> reason would have been acknowledged. With all of the differing 
> statements out there, it makes it really hard to battle with people 
> when you know you are correct and the people you are arguing with are 
> misinformed.
> Jacob Santos
> [1] Of course, as I think about it, a lot of the WordPress code base 
> does just this and while it runs slower than other code. As well as 
> other code bases that load files dynamically (MVC frameworks). The 
> argument is whether or not the advantage of losing a few milliseconds 
> is worth the additional feature set that is allowed from the lost.
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