[wp-hackers] fixes for old versions

Steve Taylor steve at sltaylor.co.uk
Thu Jan 7 15:06:16 UTC 2010

> No matter what technology one uses, software or hardware, I feel pretty
> confident in saying that you can expect mandatory upgrades. It is just the
> nature of the beast. You need to explain that to your client, and explain
> that the upgrades and testing is far less intensive with WordPress than say
> with a commercial product like Oracle UCM where companies are paying (tens
> of) thousands for maintenance agreements a month.

This was my default position, and generally what I've been telling them.

However, I've learned to be cautious about saying "Sorry, that's just
the way WP is" to clients before I find out for sure if what they're
asking for is possible (WP always surprises me!). In this case, it
seems like *some* level of separation of security fixes and upgrades
is going on - I just want to be clear about the formal policy so I can
communicate that to my client (and know it myself).

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