[wp-hackers] podPress maintenance

Tim Berger timberge at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 4 01:32:55 UTC 2010

Hello and a happy new year!

In the last year, I have submitted some bug fixes (e.g.
http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1037) for the podPress plugin
which are now in podPress 8.8.2.
But I have made a mistake and build in at least one bug myself as you
can read here (http://twitter.com/disneymaniac/statuses/7275585904). I
have created a ticket and patch in the plugins trac
(http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1055) to solve this problem
and Andrew Ozz will probably release a further maintenance release of

Beyond that I have would like to change some other things in the plugin.
But it would be nice if i would know someone or people i could discuss
the next steps. Basically i would like to maintain podpress a little
while until Dan or someone else continues the development of the plugin.
I see myself more like a holiday replacement for Dan or someone else who
is more experienced and skilled than I am.
But i definitely want to correct my mistakes as soon as possible.
In this context: Could you make it possible for me to add patches to the
trunk version of podPress? This way technical-minded podcasters would
have the chance to test the changes before the next release(s) of
podPress. (I'm only a podcast listener.) (Or is there a possibility that
I could do such maintenance releases of podPress myself?)

The next issues i would like to look into are:
- the XSPF Feed is not valid because the duration values are not
converted to milliseconds
- there seems to be a problem with the XSPF player which is part of a
widget of podPress and none-ASCII characters.
- the preview player for video file is visible if the podcast episodes
are e.g. .m4a file (There are probably some style problems connected to
this preview player, too, as you can see here: http://www.mobile-macs.de/)
- nearly all of the data from the forms on the podpress admin pages are
stored to the data base unevaluated (Am I wrong here? I thought that it
is necessary and advisable to control the data which are on the into the
database and vice versa. Or does update_option() evaluate the data enough?)

Andrew Ozz told me that you might want to know more about my experience
with WP plugins. The "Custom Field List Widget" plugin is hosted on
wordpress.org and my profile is http://profiles.wordpress.org/ntm/.
But i have written, adopted and adapted other plugins, too. You can find
these other plugins at http://undeuxoutrois.de/.


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