[wp-hackers] The problem with Contributions and This Thread

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Fri Dec 31 00:40:06 UTC 2010

> William P. Davis wrote:
>>   A better solution might be to have trusted users without access 
>> review patches and leave their comments on tickets.
On 12/30/10 6:35 PM, Vid Luther wrote:
> I'm all for this, how do we establish these trusted users? or is the 
> core team not interested in that at all?
We have trusted developers as well as some who are designated "bug 
gardeners" (Mark Jaquith was once a bug gardener before becoming a lead 
developer). If you go to http://wordpress.org/about/ and look in the 
sidebar, you'll get an idea of who the trusted developers are. We update 
that list every release or so, and with 3.1 I believe we'll be adding 
Jon Cave (duck_), Daryl Koopersmith, Dominik Schilling (ocean90), Pete 
Mall, (scribu), John O'Nolan, and Samuel Wood (otto42). Some of these 
people were granted commit access during 3.1, and some are likely future 

On 12/30/10 6:12 PM, Vid Luther wrote:
> So.. why not let Jacob become a core committer and be the person who 
> handles the low hanging fruit? 
Partly because his main activity lately is taking focus away from 
development with things like this, partly because he has a tendency to 
appear and disappear without notice and we need to be able to rely on 
committers to be available and involved without whim, and partly because 
there are a lot of contributors who've been far more involved in 
positive, result-oriented discussion and coding over the past couple of 
releases that would be a better fit for commit access. It's not just 
about being a decent coder. If the committing devs don't share the 
vision of the lead devs, then you wind up with patches being committed 
at cross-purposes. It's not that dissent isn't allowed in the community, 
but the people committing things need to agree on what should be committed.

> If his claims about being the # 5 contributor are true,
> he's definitely given his time, and if he's willing to put in the 
> work.. why not let him?
See reasons above.
> I think what Doug is asking, is what proof do we have that having 
> Jacob handle this is going to make WordPress suck?
> If so many of his patches have been accepted, it's a safe bet he's got 
> the hang of things..
Jacob has contributed greatly to the project in the past, it's true. In 
addition to http and other funcitonal patches, he did a huge chunk with 
inline documentation in 2.7 that definitely lead to a lot of commit 
props (and verbal props from me in pretty much every talk or interview I 
did around that time). But that isn't a reason to add someone to the 
leadership group.

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