[wp-hackers] The problem with Contributions and This Thread

Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Wed Dec 29 00:47:49 UTC 2010

I'm adding to this thread a question and a comment..

first is the question, will we be able to do +1 on specific things
people have recommended?

I'd like to just add +1 to some of Mark Jaquith's list.. specifically no
more php4, better unit tests and some level of CI..

having better unit tests may make it easier for people to commit
patches.. that's not the goal here, but an unintended side effect.


the problem with meritocracies, is that sometimes "merit" isn't clearly
defined, so what/who "holds merit" is subjective, it's well intentioned,
but just don't get conveyed properly. In other words, meritocracies work
on ego, ego can and almost always insulted, sometimes deservingly,
sometimes not.

I'd like everyone here to read:

if they haven't already.

One of the things here, is about the uncanny ability to say "No".

Jane and the core developers have done a very good job of that, we may
not like it, but in the end, we have a product that we love 6 days of
the week. Let's not forget that, and let's not let our egos get in the
way. Some functionality may not make it into core, but usually it can be
made into a plugin, and you can have the functionality.. and that's what
we should be thankful for.

I've made a ton of money off the work of the core developers, I may not
like some of their responses, or the tone of their responses, I may not
respond the same way as they do.. but I am mindful of their
contributions, and their efforts.

As the year ends, I hope I can contribute in a positive way, either to
the core, or to the community,  I'm sure I'll piss people off, I'm sure
I'll write blog posts that some of you may disagree with, but the end
goal for all of us is the same.. make it easy for people to get their
content published, and make it easy for people to consume their content.

Happy 2011.

Thanks for the fish.

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