[wp-hackers] WordPress 3.1 Requirements

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Thu Dec 16 16:58:37 UTC 2010

Great, whatever.  One of the largest hosts in the world has an issue with an old configuration of software they will not likely change.  Moving to PHP5 is the solution.  I put a note to that effect into the Codex on Updating.

Turns out I was also incorrect, after manually updating to WP 3.x I couldn't get logged into the dashboard on these sites without changing to PHP5.  1and1's support knows this, and will walk you through the .htaccess fix.

So, for users on 1and1, their experience is that WP's minimum requirement is PHP 5.x.  Given that, again, 1and1 is a huge host, and that WP would, presumably, like to work on their systems out of the box without each user having to call support, either the code or the requirements need to change.

Perhaps the fix here too is to just document it away.  I'll leave that to the astute powers that be here to decide.  If we're done painting the "Hello Dolly" bikeshed.


From: Peter Westwood <peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk>
Subject: Re: [wp-hackers] WordPress 3.1 Requirements

No it isn't.

It's clear proof that for that hosts configuration of PHP4 it isn't working.

Completely different from a dependency on PHP5 for that code.

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