[wp-hackers] hierarchical custom taxonomies vs good & old cats.

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 07:09:58 UTC 2010

My understanding is that if I choose to create a hierarchical custom
taxonomy say "People", I will not be able to use tags that are under
its context.

Example case

people   ( this is a custom taxonomy )

---politicians  ( this is a sub level under the people cus. taxonomy )

And I want to add "obama" as a tag/term under the taxonomy above, i'm
out of luck. because with hierarchical cust. taxes, all I'm left with
is either to use post-tags or to create another sub level under
"politicians" as obama. both options no good. I wonder why I cannot
have a tag option under hierarchical taxonomies. there gotto be a
technical limitation on that as far as WP mechanics.

but if I choose people to be non-hierarchical, that I would be able to
tag items such as obama, mccain, etc easily.

In this case, ( I mean in the non-hierarchical case), I see great
value and organizational power. And this power is just not there out
of the box by simply using categories and tags. But the moment, you
choose to make your custom taxonomy a hierarchical one, you lose a
lot; your cus. tax. now acts exactly like a top level cat.

In other words, whether you create this structure as a top level
category titled "people" or as a hierarchical custom taxonomy titled
"people", it makes no difference as far as practical results.





Am I right?

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