[wp-hackers] Custom edit posts screen

Rob Miller rob at bigfish.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 10:54:21 UTC 2010

On 14 Dec 2010, at 10:49, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> On Dec 14, 2010, at 5:44 AM, Rob Miller wrote:
>> To edit which posts appear there — either on a new page, or on the regular `wp-admin/edit.php` page if certain values are present in the query string.
>> I want, essentially, to be able to link users of a plugin to an admin page that displays all posts that have a certain meta key set to a certain value.
> These two answer are not exactly what you are asking but probably close enough for you to grok it:
> http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/578/adding-a-taxonomy-filter-to-admin-list-for-a-custom-post-type/582#582
> http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/3660/filtering-posts-by-multiple-taxonomy-terms-such-as-in-an-admin-post-listing/3669#3669

Hmm, looks like I'll have to just modify `parse_query`/`the_request` and do some checking for if I'm on the right page, then. I figured there might be a simpler way (like some sort of `edit_posts_query` filter, perhaps) but I guess there can't be filters *everywhere* :)


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