[wp-hackers] Premium plugin protection

Brian Layman bulk at thecodecave.com
Mon Dec 13 01:28:26 UTC 2010

On 12/12/2010 7:13 PM, Mike Schinkel wrote:
> Based on these examples it seems that maybe businessman who doesn't really care about the ethos of the GPL and who don't worry about the good graces of the core community can easily run a plugin business that bypasses the GPL by appealing to the masses who pay no attention to the politics of the GPL?
I'm quite certain they could.  I've no doubt.  Just as 3rd party sites 
exist that distribute all the products we've mentioned for less than the 
rates charged by their developers, there are music distribution 
companies that don't care to respect the artists and globally distribute 
their music. I may have once heard of a video company that seems to pay 
drunk girls to climb into their bus and go wild on camera.  There are 
lots of ways you can make money without benefit to or respect for 
others.  Lots of people proudly proclaim they don't care at all about 
what others think about them and what they do.  This is demonstrated in 
their actions, word and businesses.  A good many people who have this 
world view appear to make pretty good money.  I generally try my best to 
make sure that none of that money comes from me.

I'm not a GPL militant. I leave that to others, though if there are 
clear license violations that's a nonstarter for me.  Respect, attitude 
and personality do matter to me.   I show that in where I lend my verbal 
and/or monetary support.  My answers to what are the "best and most 
appropriate way[s]" to approach theme and plugin development are going 
to reflect this.


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