[wp-hackers] Premium plugin protection

Michael Torbert mrtorbert at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 10:48:44 UTC 2010

> In fact reading back through that, you are saying that the gpl states
> whether or not a non hosted plugin had to gpl compatible?? I don't
> understand.......
No, the GPL doesn't mention WordPress plugins specifically. Please read the
license and its FAQ. Derivative works (such as plugins) must be GPL or GPL

> Just to be clear. I am asking if gpl compatibility is only mandatory for
> plugins in the repository or if it is also a guideline (rule??) for non
> repository, premium plugins?


> By the way. I in no way mean to cause an argument. I am genuinely
> interested in your views and opinions. However it would be good to get some
> solid reference rather than (well respected) opinions.

Not my opinion. This has been hashed out over and over in forums, blog
posts, podcasts, etc, and is explicitly talked about at


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