[wp-hackers] Switching from SVN

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Dec 11 06:19:18 UTC 2010

I think the problem is that the fundamentals of all VCS are the same. You
have merging, commits, branching, etc in each. I think you have to start
there, at the basics before you argue how much better one is over another.
If Path A and Path B both lead to C, then what does it matter which path you
take to get there? If one path is full of pot holes, dangerous robbing
murderous bandits whom force you to hide your kids, hide your wife... and
your husband too, and the other path is double rainbows all around with
raindrops and flowers then who is to say one or the other is the worse one?
Perhaps I like fending off bandits and don't really care much for my wife.

Metaphor aside, there are complexities with any VCS and what really matters
is the tools available for Windows. SVN has great tools for doing everything
that you'd want or need. The problems with people using SVN is that it
allows too much freedom to shoot oneself in the foot. GIT and the like by
its nature prevent some of the pitfalls found in SVN but introduce another,
which is namely how to merge one branch into another without too much hassle
(PS Github makes this easier, but if you are not using Github, then it seems
you'll have a lot of practicing to do, but after a while it becomes easy.
Hell Ryan can do it, so I suspect anyone can, myself excluded).

Therefore, this entire thread is pointless. It is already possible to use
GIT or another VCS that interfaces with SVN somehow. Other people have
stated GIT-SVN tool. It is possible to check out WordPress SVN into GIT, do
all of the changes there with revision control and then create a single
patch for sending to WordPress Trac. It is then also possible to merge in
changes made to the trunk of WordPress. Github is not required for doing
this. Just a PITA to do so. However, the PITA is on the one or three people
wanting to use another VCS instead of being a PITA in the core team
requiring work to be taken off of core development and fixing the problems
that creep into any change.

[I wish I could include a picture or animation of a man beating a dead horse
to describe my arguments.]

[I wish I could include an animation of a man peeing into the wind to
describe the entirely of this thread.]

Jacob Santos

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