[wp-hackers] After Publish Revisions

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Fri Dec 10 18:32:40 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm going to add the ability to edit a post (and it's metadata) after it 
has been published but not to take affect immediately (meaning an editor 
or admin will have to approve the changes). I'm going to add all the 
necessary new capabilities and custom post_status, and build off the 
existing auto_save and revisions system in WP. I want to do this as 
cleanly as possible - model it on the way existing systems work in WP core.

Is there any info that might help with this - history on previous 
attempts at it, etc.?

Here is a quick initial stab at some of the data stuff:

I'm guessing I'll need to add:
post_type:    publish_revision
post_status: inherit

Alternatively, for custom post types:
post_type:    custom_post_name
post_status: publish_revision

Or it might require both, I'm not sure yet - and I'll be essentially 
modifying the" after publish revision" (for lack of a better term) to 
match an auto-draft (post_status) or a revision (post_type) by resetting 
the post_name, and post_parent fields.

I'm just starting this process, and will be testing various things today.


Kevin N.

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