[wp-hackers] Customize Wordpress Emails

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 23:53:36 UTC 2010

Exactly my point, that would require three different plugins, the SMTP
plugin, a plugin to customize the emails with an HTML format, and my own
plugin still to send my other emails.

Hence it just makes sense to add functionality to my plugin to just suppress
wp_mail and send out the emails myself so I have the full control over the
process without hacking the core function.
On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 3:48 PM, William P. Davis <will.davis at gmail.com>wrote:

> Using the SMTP plugin tells wp_mail() to send using SMTP. Then you can
> create and send your own e-mails using the wp_mail function.
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> Here's the thing, I'd need one plugin to send via SMTP, another to do HTML
> emails, and still another to support non-standard emails I may want to
> send.  I'd much rather just write my own single plugin to do all of that,
> keeps things simple for me and shouldn't be too hard.
> Now I kinda shot that email off from my phone, now that I am at my computer
> I have looked over the source of WP and some of the plugins.  It appears to
> me that the function wp_mail() is used to send the emails, and it has
> several filters including one called wp_mail.  Now my thinking is this:
> 1) I can look at the email address it is being sent to and the subject to
> gather the details I need to know what type of email it is and who its for
> 2) I can use the wp_mail filter to get those details and return null values
> in their place, like this:
> $to = '';
> $subject = '';
> $message = '';
> $headers = '';
> $attachments = array ();
> return compact('to', 'subject', 'message', 'headers', 'attachments');
> 3) That should effectively prevent wordpress from sending the mail, then I
> can create and send my own.
> Does this all sound about right?
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