[wp-hackers] Pages still visible to audience after setting it back to "Draft"?

Eric Mann eric at eam.me
Thu Dec 9 18:49:40 UTC 2010

Just tested on WP 3.1 (Beta 1 build 16732) and I cannot reproduce this issue
with either posts or pages.

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 10:41 AM, Oliver Schlöbe <office at wpseek.com> wrote:

> Hey there,
> I've been told there's some strange behaviour on how WP 3 handles draft
> posts, and I'm not sure wether it's a bug or wanted behaviour.
> When creating a page, setting the status to "Draft" and saving the page,
> you can preview it by opening ?page_id=694&preview=true Works fine so far.
> Non logged in users cannot see the draft page even if they're opening the
> page directly via ?page_id=694&preview=true or /slug/.
> But when a page has been published before, and you set back the status of
> that page to "Draft", non logged in users can suddenly see the page,
> although it's a Draft. Is this desired behaviour? What would be the point of
> changing a page's status from Public to Draft if the audience will still be
> able to view the page by directly opening it through the address bar?
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Create a page (status: Draft (default), Visibility: Public (default)),
> and click "Save".
> 2. Open the page with a different browser you're non logged into the Admin
> area, e.g. domain.com/draft-page/ You'll get a 404, this is desired
> behaviour.
> 3. Now publish the page by clicking "Publish" and it should be visible to
> non logged in users, too.
> 4. Now set the page's status from "Published" to "Draft" and hit "Update
> page".
> In opposition to step 1 the page wont return a 404, although it's a Draft
> like in step 1 where it correctly returned a 404 to non logged in users.
> Bug or feature? :)
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