[wp-hackers] Switching from SVN

Brian Layman bulk at thecodecave.com
Thu Dec 9 18:31:20 UTC 2010

GIT is a wonderful tool.  It is great to work with.  Though I'd love a 
cost free switch to GIT, that's not an option.  It would be a lot of 
work, probably at the expense of a feature or three in some release.  In 
the end, I doubt the benefit will be there.  However I don't work with 
the repositories enough to experience much pain or benefit either way. 
So my opinion on this doesn't carry much weight.

As far as windows clients are concerned, I've had the opportunity to 
play with TortoiseGIT lately. It's come a long way.  The only major 
problem I had with it is that the default buffer size was too small to 
allow branch creation and massive checkins to succeed.  It does all 
common tasks well.  Rarer branch management tasks seem to have multiple 
ways to get to them and you have to know the right way to do things 
through experience.  Fortunately all mistakes can be rolled back.  A few 
years ago TortoiseGIT was not a viable choice.  Now, it is.

(Additionally it installs a full suite of Linux commands.  So when I 
screw up and type ls, find or grep on my home machine, it makes no 
difference.  Though using 'ls -Al' on a Windows 7 box just feels creepy.)

- Brian

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