[wp-hackers] BUG? Custom values not set early enough on publish?

Alister Cameron alister at alistercameron.com
Thu Aug 26 02:40:56 UTC 2010


I've hooked up a function to the "future_to_publish" hook.

That function is essentially sending out an email when a new post is
published in a particular category.

However one interesting thing I've discovered...

I need to add a custom value into the body of the email and I do this with a
custom value.

So my function calls the get_post_custom_values() function to retrieve the
value I want, for insertion into that email.

HOWEVER... as best I can tell, the custom value is not yet set at the point
where the "future_to_publish" hook fires, and I'm getting no data returned
from the call to get_post_custom_values().

Is it possible that this is the case? That if you save custom values they're
not correctly associated to the published post until AFTER the
"future_to_publish" hook has fired?

I've not got into it any deeper than this, but asking for help!

Any ideas Westy??



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