[wp-hackers] Code reviews for plugins?

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Aug 25 04:42:26 UTC 2010

I'd like everybody discussing this to keep in mind that there is a
very large difference between "review" and "approval".

I, for one, do not want any sort of "approval" process for plugins.
I'm unhappy with the theme approval process as it currently stands,
because I think it's horribly broken.

Reviews are fine. User reviews would be excellent. But I just want to
be clear that we don't want to be putting anybody in the position to
deny plugins from being listed for not following some arbitrary set of
guidelines. That defeats the whole purpose of a code review, which is
to help the developer to learn better ways and to improve their code.

When you start denying listings because of not following some set of
practices, then you're creating a walled garden of content, which is
one reason I do not like the iTunes App Store and jailbroke my iPhone
within 3 days of getting it. I don't think the WordPress community
should try to emulate Apple in this case.


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