[wp-hackers] Subject: change siteurl at DB level

David McDonald info at davidmcdonald.org
Tue Aug 24 23:52:59 UTC 2010

Yes, serialised data needs to be taken into account when changing the
site URL in a WP database.
This most likely is the cause of missing widgets, as I have found some
of the widget data to be serialised.

This script enables a search & replace including serialised data:


I have used it numerous times and from my experience it works very well.


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> Ah, this might explain why I lose widgets when doing an SQL export and
> find replace to rename blogs! I'm moving from
> somesite.com/somedirectory to somesite.com/newdirectory - and the
> length is different. I wondered why I lost the widgets when doing
> this! Thanks.
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 7:03 PM, Christopher Bratlien
> <chrisbratlien at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Jason, I believe your bash script has the chance to corrupt serialized data also, as Jerry brought up earlier.
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