[wp-hackers] Change Tag Delimiter from a comma to a semicolon

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 05:51:15 UTC 2010

The delimiter to add multiple tags is "," however this is causing an issue
when I want to use a tag that includes a comma as part of the tag.  A
workaround that was suggested is to use the ascii equivalent ,  This
does work when initially making the post, however if I come back to edit the
post f I am not careful about fixing the tags, it will change from one tag
that has a comma to two separate tags, using the comma as the delimiter.  So
it seems the best option would be to change the delimiter to something
else...say a semicolon.

idk if that would be possible with a plugin I think I would have to hack the
core but regardless I wouldn't even know where to start to change the
delimiter.  Any ideas.

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