[wp-hackers] introductions and putting the wrong foot forward..

Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Mon Aug 23 01:26:41 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone,
 I'm new to the hackers list, and wordpress core development.  I ran into some issues that I thought I would send patches for, but before I did that.. I wanted to do my research, 
rather than wasting the time of a core developer. 

The first issue I had was with the wp_redirect method.. it seems that there is no exit() after it makes the header() call. It's common practice in the PHP world to make that call, as the rest of the PHP is going to execute, even 
though it shouldn't in this case. 

I was wondering if this has been brought up already in the past, and if so, what's the reason to keep it there? If not, I can submit a patch to the core team. 

secondly, http://yoast.com/google-wordpress-and-trackback-urls/

It's an old post, but for SEO reasons it seems to be something that is necessary. It's a 3 yr old post, but I wanted to once again ask if there was a reason for it not being the other way. 

I don't want to make changes to our core functionality, if it'll just get overridden with the next update, if I need to do it as a plugin, I'll do that :).

PS: I scanned through the hackers archives, but since there's no simple way of searching all the years  I gave up after a few months, I did search for wp_redirect in trac though, didn't find anything relating to the issue with exit(); 

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