[wp-hackers] Code reviews for plugins?

Matt Jacob matt at mattjacob.com
Thu Aug 19 19:39:07 UTC 2010

Fact: the quality of plugins in the repository is generally pretty low.

Obviously, there are exceptions, and those exceptions rise to the top 
and become more popular. But for the 10,000-some plugins listed, I bet 
that fewer than 100 of those would be considered best practices in 
plugin development. Unfortunately, most---not all---plugin developers 
probably don't even give a crap.

For those developers who *do* give a crap (or several craps), and who 
*do* want to publish high-quality plugins, what resources are available? 
I was thinking it might be neat if more experienced WP developers from 
wp-hackers volunteered to do code reviews of up-and-coming plugins 
(initiated by the plugin developer; not just a random selection).

You could be the best software engineer in the world, but WordPress is a 
separate beast. It's a huge system that's evolved over many years, and 
the fact of the matter is that the more experience developers need to 
pass on the tribal knowledge they've acquired along the way. IMO, code 
reviews are a good way to do that.



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