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Ashish Saini ashishsainiashfame at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 20:27:27 UTC 2010

Hey everyone!

What causes the "are you sure you want to logout?" message to appear while
logging out.

I am trying to achieve deep integration between WordPress and bbPress. The
WordPress is at *domain.com/wordpress* but the site URL is *domain.com* and
bbPress is at *domain.com/forums*.

So I added the following two lines on config file of both (*wp-config.php *&
* bb-config.php**)* :

define('COOKIEPATH', '/');
define('ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH', '/');

Things are working fine so far but WordPress is not playing nice with
Cookies. WordPress executes alone. bbPress executes by loading WordPress and
itself both.

When I login and logout from a single side (Either WordPress or bbPress), it
works perfectly fine.
But If I login from bbPress and attempt to logout from WordPress side, I am
logged out of bbPress but WordPress displays "are you sure you want to
logout?" message. When clicked on the logout link from there, we land on the
login screen but if an attempt to wp-admin (dashboard) is made, we are
logged in again.

A complete logout requires a relogin and logout from bbPress side.

Both the WordPress logout URLS have nonces attached to them.

Any ideas what could be messing around?

Thanks & Regards
Ashish Saini aka Ashfame
(Deserve Before You Desire)
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: http://twitter.com/ashfame

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