[wp-hackers] Best practice: custom registration form

Patrik Bóna patrik.bona at mrhead.sk
Tue Aug 3 20:27:13 UTC 2010

I don't use wordpress registration form. I use my own form instead, so i 
can do whatever i want.

I've decided to do it this way:
- because customer wanted it
- i can better handle validation of required fields stored in meta data
- i can do whatever i want during registration process ;)


On 08/03/2010 10:03 PM, Lox wrote:
> This what I end up using: a custom page template with a
> do_action('register_form').
> But when the template is called, the headers are already sent, so I
> wonder how you can send headers there (like wp_redirect does), even at
> the very beginning of the template ..
> Regards

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