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Tue Apr 20 23:23:57 UTC 2010

(01:21:42 PM) nacin: A few of us had the discussion [switching to git] a few
months ago. Quick hits:
1) Our infrastructure, and Automattic's, is heavily SVN. It will take a
serious reinvestment for everything to change over (imagine a rewrite of
/extend/plugins/), and it needs to be done for well-founded reasons, not
just potential improvements.

Can't argue with that. This would not be an easy undertaking, for sure.

2) Git is great, but the software that surrounds it needs more time to
develop. Windows clients, web interfaces, etc.

I looked at a site that uses trac + git integration and indeed it was
nowhere near what you would expect, after having worked with, for

even if GitHub were open, it's project management features are minimal.
jQuery uses github + trac, which is not ideal, I would think.

The only open web interface that would support the proposed workflow, as
well as have more than basic project management features would be launchpad,
which uses bazaar.

If were to start using launchpad, it could also be used for
individual plugins and theme repos too, instead of the combined (and
overcrowded) svn repos we have now, which would be very nice.

3) A few of us are not convinced that moving from a patch-based workflow is
beneficial in all but the rarest of cases.

With this one I have to disagree.

Given the right interface, reviewing commits is much better than having to
go over all the code in a series of patches, over and over again, trying to
guess the differences between them.

Not to mention the convenience of local commits, compared to re-uploading
new versions of patches.

Let the opinions fly.

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