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Tue Apr 20 23:23:57 UTC 2010

is pushing fixes so quickly.

I just wanted to say thanks to vladimir_kolesnikov for being so on the
ball - and everyone who wrote/pushed the fix.

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:55 PM, Trent Martin <trentmar at> wrote:
> Wow, it would be nice for us plugin developers if you guys would give us
> even a few days advance notice on these things, especially considering your
> record of breaking plugins and themes with your updates.
> The problem is that when people see the "Please update now" notice on their
> dashboard, and you call it a mandatory update, of course they are going to
> update. But with no advance notice, that means that no plugins or themes
> have even been tested with the update. As far as I can tell, there was also
> no public beta testing for this either, are you just hoping everything will
> work? Even your e-mail announcement to the wp-testers list came a day after
> the actual release.
> With tens of thousands of plugins and themes used by millions of people, you
> really need to better consider the impact of your releases. It's hard enough
> keeping compatible with each update, but you make it so much harder when we
> suddenly open our e-mail to find a flood of support requests because of a
> surprise WordPress release. We had to drop everything yesterday to update
> all our test sites, scramble though our full test procedures, and respond to
> all the support requests telling people our plugins are still compatible.
> Perhaps you need to put a disclaimer on releases that no plugin or theme
> developers were previously aware of it and nothing has been tested yet so
> install at your own risk.
> If there is a better way to keep on top of upcoming releases that I am just
> missing, please let me know. And yeah maybe this release was relatively
> minor but there is rarely a WordPress release that doesn't affect many
> plugins one way or another.
> Are there any other plugin and theme developers out there who agree?
> TM
> As most of you know, WordPress 3.0.2 was released Tuesday. This is a
> mandatory security release for all previous WordPress versions.
> Those wishing to continue to test the 3.1 Beta, please note that the
> currently nightly build (3.1-beta1-16642) contains the fixes that were
> included in 3.0.2.
> I'd advise you to update your plugin compatibility as appropriate. Plugins
> should be unaffected by this release.
> Here's a summary of the changes:
> Thanks,
> Nacin
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