[wp-hackers] Pay a fee to post

Jerry Johnson jmiloj at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 19:41:44 UTC 2010

This was a perfect request for wp-hackers, I thought.

He isn't trying to hire someone to do it, he is asking if anyone knows of
existing plugins that would be a starting point, or if not a good approach
to take.

If you want a COTS solution, it looks like WPDirectoryPro might be on point.
(http://www.wpdirectorypro.com/index.php). I have no experience with them or
it, so cannot comment on it. Searching "directory" in the wp plugins returns
a number of systems to look at.

If you are looking to piece something together, I would imagine that the
"let customers write posts" is handled already by wordpress natively. Just
do not give those users publish rights. They can create posts, which will
languish in draft mode until someone publishes them.

Adding "pay for the listing on paypal" could be handled by a function that
maybe hooks the save new post?

After the payment is made on paypal, handling the activation could either be
done manually (the owner would get a payment email), or use the paypal
mechanism to send the user to a "success" page, which could be handled by a
function that records the transaction # (and other paypal details) in
metadata for that post, and pushes the post to "publish".

Reporting would need to be another function that maybe adds columns to the
edit.php page (manage posts).

I am just glad at the moment that I don't have to solve this one!

Jerry Johnson
Web developer

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 3:19 PM, Shane Froebel <shane at bugssite.org> wrote:

> Please use the wp-pro wp-job mailing list for these type of requests.
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> I have a client that would like to set up an ability for his readers and
> sponsors to post job listings on his site. He wants to charge them $X each
> via Paypal.
> Can anybody recommend a simple solution to this? My main concern is that we
> will need to resolve the transaction to the job posting.
> thanks,
> brian

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