[wp-hackers] Introducing wpdocs

Harry Metcalfe harry at thedextrousweb.com
Fri Apr 30 15:32:28 UTC 2010

Christian Foster wrote:
> It's great - really simple to browse. I like your other Wordpress
> tools too ( sass / cucumber etc ). Would be great if you had time to
> get together a dedicated section on your website for all these tools
> and possibly some examples. I've been watching on github anyway.

You caught my thought. I'd really like to do this too. I think we will, 
as soon as there's time.

Ryan McCue wrote:
> Wow, this is awesome. I'll definitely be using this.


> One thing that would be nice is to link to the WordPress Trac's code
> browser instead of the GitHub one.

That's a good idea. Github is pretty ingrained for us, but I'm sure 
that's not true of most. I'll add it to the list.

Christian Foster wrote:
> WP really lacks the Rails culture.

Not for long >:)

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> Actually, your tool doesn't seem to list *uses* of a function, a
> feature of PHPXref that I value deeply.

Interesting - you're absolutely right that that would be useful. We'll 
look into adding it. 

> Of course, anyone using an IDE doesn't need websites to tell them
> about the code because their programming tool can do it for them.

We are professed vim addicts :)


PS: apologies for breaking the thread - forgot to come out of digest 
mode before posting.

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