[wp-hackers] PHPmailer + Avira = Virus?

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Wed Apr 14 16:32:39 UTC 2010

This is located in class-phpmailer.php and will be recognized by Avira 
as part of its detection patterns[1]. This appears to be a false 
positive and might be safely ignored. If anyone knows what Avira is 
thinking or why Avira would want to flag the file, then please let me know.

If information has already been sent to the "security" mailing list, 
then can this information please be sent as to whether it is an actual 
false positive or if it is something that will be fixed within the next 
few days. No information is given on Avira web site, and the file 
appears to be normal with no code that appears to be bad.

- PHP/mailsend.100

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