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Potkanski, Jason jpotkanski at tribune.com
Tue Apr 13 15:02:12 UTC 2010

There is not an IP requirement on the multi-site plugin. IP addresses/interfaces are handled transparently to the Wordpress application by Apache. You can keep the multiple IP addresses per site and still use multi-site.

Unless you have a per IP licensing requirement, SSL certificates or something strange, IP addresses are not necessary per site. Multiple sites per IP address has no bearing on SEO.

The other Idea in the back of my head is to create a plugin that automatically creates the blogs on the other 4 domains and installs MySQL triggers to automatically update the other 4 blog tables. You would have to develop tricky update triggers for wp_options.

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On 4/13/10 8:15 AM, "Nuno Morgadinho" <nuno.morgadinho at gmail.com> wrote:


The multi-site plugin is something I've looked before but it doesn't
seem suitable because it requires that all the sites point to the same
IP address.

As I mentioned before I have 5 different IP addresses with installs
and I need to keep that for SEO purposes.

Any other ideas?


On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Potkanski, Jason
<jpotkanski at tribune.com> wrote:
> There is a multi-site plugin for Wordpress MU that allows multiple sites in
> the same database for a wordpress MU installation.
> http://wpmu.org/multisite-manager/ (wpmu.org looks down). Written by David
> Dean.
> If you use custom permalinks on any blogs, I have a patch for the multi-site
> plugin for 2.8.6-2.9.2.
> To allow logins across all your sites, set this in wp-config.php:
> Since MU doesn't have a global aliasing ability, (www.x.com/blog can be seen
> at www.y.com/blog and www.z.com/blog), you'll have to create 5 separate
> blogs and sync the data in the tables to each of the 5 separate blogs. Or,
> solve the global alias problem.
> One approach is to create a master blog and use RSS feeds for the 4 sub
> blogs. Commenting would be "desynced" with this approach.
> Using multi-site at least gets all your data into one database structure.
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> Jason Potkanski
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> On 4/12/10 8:57 AM, "Nuno Morgadinho" <nuno.morgadinho at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have 5 WPMU installs (with different IP addresses and domains). When
> the user signs-up and creates a blog I would like to additionally
> create a blog in each of the WPMU installs. I thought about two
> possible approaches for this:
> 1) write directly into the database (the installs all share the same
> database server)
> 2) make a http request to each MU that will then handle the request
> and write into the db
> Would you rather go for 1 or 2? And is there some work done already in
> this front of creating blogs across several installs?
> Thanks,
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