[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal Word-press Move

M Ajmal Iqbal majmaliqbal at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 20:23:17 UTC 2010

*Proposal GSoC*

Project Name : Move
Mentor’s Name : Aaron Campbell <http://xavisys.com/>
Student Name: Ajmal Iqbal
*odesk link:*
*linkdIn Link:*

To create the script or plugin to move whole wordpress from one domain to
other or some features clone like plugin with their settings,theme that need
to be activate same as in old blog, posts/pages categories, media,
blogrolls, tags and users.
Key features:

Move Wordpress whole data which is hosted at one domain to other domain and
that will work fine as was working in previous location

Also to provide the cloning functionality for cloning  Posts,pages,
categories, tags, links, users, media,,plugins and themes and wordpress

We will implement this in this ways.

1.       *Create Wordpress mover/Cloner script*

a.       Form will get

·         ftp creditionals of new location

·         database crditionals to the new system

·         New location.

·         Checkbox to Move/Clone Wordpress.

o   In case of Move Just ask

§  wordpress same version / change to new version (not to degrade version)

§  (This will copy the wordpress from the current location to new one and
then at last make a zip file of current wordpress and delete db and
wordpress from the current or old location….)

§  Wordpress moved…..

o   In case of Wordpress  Clone ask

§  Posts

§  Pages

§  Categories

§  Media

§  Settings

·         General settings

·         …..

§  Plugins

·         Their settings

§  Themes

·         Activate current theme

§  Users

§  (This will clone of the required things to the new location but at the
old location this will be remain same)
Requried Research

At  the first week I will research the best way to add script in the way to
add this in wordpress core files or to make in the way not to implement
wordpress core files and add this script….. then to find the best way to run
this at server that user don’t have to wait at browser and in the main while
at current and new location it will show message ……. Redirecting to ….. and
site will soon plublish…
Schedule/ Roadmap

I have pretty much sure that this project will done in 65-75 days.

·         First week for research

·         2nd  and 3rd week to develop cloning way for

·         4th week for links, tags media and Wordpress settings.

·         5th week will be for the themes and activate same theme

·         6th  and 7th week will be for plugins and their setting

·         8th week will be for the wordpress mover script…

·         Clean up code, write documentation and submit to Google with final

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