[wp-hackers] wp_nav_menu too simplistic?

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Tue Apr 6 21:24:43 UTC 2010

> > 2. The ability to say "I want all children X levels deep included as menu
> > item children of this page/category", i.e. dynamic child handling.
> Yes, this is the only thing I'm interested in, and the lack of it
> makes the new menu system basically useless to me. I'm stuck
> hardcoding my menus instead. Very disappointing, as the feature does
> have promise.

It could be handled simply as an option of any menu item. Then the walker
would need to know to fetch children X deep when it sees that option. Again,
at the end of the day, someone needs to go code it.

A few more things:

 - We haven't finished some of the template functions. I know for example
that two of them are being combined and the others tweaked.

 - We haven't yet scoured the template functions (or admin area) for areas
where we can add action hooks and filters. Developers are more than welcome
to propose locations for new hooks, preferably in the form of a patch.

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