[wp-hackers] wp_nav_menu too simplistic?

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Tue Apr 6 20:42:16 UTC 2010

To answer most of this thread in one shot:

Currently wp_nav_menu, when it comes to children, is simple and static, and
not smart.

There are probably two features that would make you feel a lot better:

1. The ability to, in only a few clicks, add an entire page or category tree
to your working menu. We can call this static child handling.
2. The ability to say "I want all children X levels deep included as menu
item children of this page/category", i.e. dynamic child handling.

Neither of those are on the 3.0 roadmap at the moment. Here is what is left
on the 3.0 menus roadmap currently, all of which are more important:

1. Squash any and all bugs.
2. Implement the wireframes.
3. Have a version that works without JavaScript.

That said, if anyone is willing to become involved in the development of the
menus, the core contributors could use the help. While I'm sure that input
is appreciated by those working on the feature, someone in the end needs to
code it.

Ultimately, this is version 1.0 of a feature that needs love now and in the
future. Its goal for version 1.0 is to make it easy for users to manage
their navigation menus, not be the answer to everyone's questions and

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