[wp-hackers] Email list and email tracking in word press

sutharshan balachandren sutharshan02 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:50:22 UTC 2010

*Email list and email tracking in word press*

I would like to suggest a new idea which I have partly implemented in my
website as well. Since I'm a word press user one main feature that I feel as
lacking is the mail list with tracking. So it will be nice to have a plug in
with these features.

My idea is that, once we post an article in our blog, we should be able to
send that to the viewers or subscribers who subscribed to that category in
email. The email will be send using the mail list based on the category of
the post we made. Users are able to subscribe to the emails based on the
categories they like and they can subscribe for multiple categories as well.

Also I’ll suggest another idea regarding the same email plug-in is email
tracking module. Once the user opens the email which was send using word
press, Sender (administrator of the blog) should get a notification
regarding that in admin panel. It means we should be able to view how many
users read our email. By this tracking system we can be able to manage the
mail list effectively. Not only the number of users but also we should be
able to see who have viewed the emails as well. I have tried the prototype
of this tracking system as a standalone web based application and I have
succeeded on that.

I'll really love to see this feature in word press, since I like to use word
press for all kinds of needs in a website.

Please visit my blog for more clear details about the mail tracking system.


I'm looking forward to hear your comments.
with love


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