[wp-hackers] Using the site_id column in wp_blogs table

Elizabeth Buckwalter elizabeth at slatetechpdx.com
Sat Apr 3 22:26:09 UTC 2010


I have the need to use a column like site_id and a table like wp_site table.
 I don't want to go changing things without understanding the ramifications.
 I have been googling for an hour, and I haven't had much luck finding out
what they are used for.  I'm assuming it has to do with multiple domains.  I
believe the keywords are site network, but when Googling, I get a bunch of
social network links.

Basically, our subdomains are cities, and we need to start doing countries.
  In the future we may get the international domain for the countries and
cities.  I believe that this is what the wp_sites is all about.

I've searched for a programmer's version of the feature list, but I have
been unsuccessful.  Any information or links to information, or even a list
of keywords to google would be appreciated.

Elizabeth Buckwalter

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