[wp-hackers] GSOC Proposal : bbpress pugin for theme repository

Deepak Seth indk at ymail.com
Fri Apr 2 23:00:08 UTC 2010

Online Proposal Site: http://gsocdk.wordpress.com/
Hello Everyone,
Themes are vital component of any WordPress based site and as the WordPress Theme repositorycurrently houses more than a thousand theme with over 13 Million Downloads and still counting…so it’s an important section to deal with..!!
My proposal is based on bbpress plugin idea that gives the ability to theme developer to upload Child theme (dependent on main themes) in the theme repository.
WordPress 3.0 Theme related feature includes
	* A better tabbed UI for downloading and management of Main Themes only.(No Support for Child Themes)
	* Adds a New Twenty Ten Theme
	* Theme Editor For Child Theme
	* Custom Site Background Support(Great Feature)
My Plugin(Administration Side) Will be adding
	* Another Interface for Child Themes to be installed with single click.(that includes its dependency with the parent theme.)
	* Upgraded Theme Editor for Child Themes as well.
	* Support for version checking of child theme and there parent theme so as to find if they work for each other.
So basically, I am proposing for a plugin on top of bbpress (as the theme repo is based on it) with features to eradicate these issues.
Please check out my online Proposal at http://gsocdk.wordpress.com/ .and provide your valuable suggestion and comments about the idea.
Deepak Seth

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