[wp-hackers] WordPress and Poisonous People

Jeff Chandler jeffc at wptavern.com
Thu Apr 1 14:19:11 UTC 2010

I remember Matt bringing up this topic during an interview I had with 
him, he specifically mentioned the poisonous people presentation that 
you referenced. However, I think there is so much noise on this list 
during the month of March specifically because of all the Google Summer 
Of Code ideas, proposals, applications, and discussions. I bet if you 
took all of the responses with GSOC in them out of the list, it would be 
like any other month.

I like how you brought this up though. It's like a game of CLUE where 
everyone looks around trying to figure out who is the poison although 
the answer may seen in a mirror.

I understand the idea of poisonous people but at the same time, we can't 
keep telling people to just fork the project or shut up and write code. 
If we do that, we'll end up with more discussions and opinions of the 
entire project like this guys.


In the scope of the entire WordPress project, are the only people that 
matter the ones that can code patches?

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