[wp-hackers] [OT] Top posting

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Wed Sep 30 23:12:18 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 22:02 +0100, John Blackbourn wrote:
> The reason I top post is that I use Gmail. It encourages it and the
> conversations feature makes top/bottom posting irrelevant.

Because clearly saving you a few seconds time is *way* more important
than improving readability and your mail looking more neat and tidy for
both people reading the list and people reading the archives.

Even on Gmail, I bottom-post. It takes, what, 5 seconds extra effort?
*delete* *delete* *drag* *enter* *start typing*

Get with it, guys.

And the arguments that top-posting is easier because you don't have to
scroll down are frankly ridiculous. With bottom-posting comes trimming.
If you don't trim, then yes, you are just as bad as the top-posters.

Learn to bottom-post, or don't participate.

(There are so many pro–top-posting posts I thought I would throw my two
cents in there; a furnace it may be. And yes, don't even think about
it. :-P)

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