[wp-hackers] FOrce login on WP

Stefano Aglietti steagl4ml at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 09:29:15 UTC 2009

I try again... I need to force WP login without have users passing
through the login screen neither have to reload a page (i could
simulate the login form and the url redirection but this will reload
the page)

I need to do this letting all the filters after login screen to works
like usual, i tried to use wp_authenticate_username_password passing
an array with the data as readed in the code file but no luck i do not
get the correct cookies. I tried this after the header of the them is
sent, cause in the header i have "something" that give me the username
e password, i suppose i call wp_authenticate_username_password too
late, maybe i have to call it during an early stage, but i can't
figure aout what it is. COnsider i have to run Zend to have singleton
function that give me the current username e password (a login in
another site)

I'm getting mad and I know that the solution is just in front of me
even if I do not see it.

Thank all!


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